89 SELENE (DK) – Support : DJ Nathan

21. april 2023 kl. 22:00 – 22:00
89 SELENE (DK) - Support : DJ Nathan @ EQualclub

89 Selene

With the second summer of love as kindergarten and the floors of Berghain as school, 89 Selene is now taking their degree in fast-paced, trancy techno with a minor in tribe-tek and early 90s acid house. Think: Herrensauna, Mala Junta, Bassiani, ∄, Fast Forward and the like.
If you listen carefully, you might even hear remnants of Selene’s teenage punk revoltand background in various acts in Aarhus’ electronic music scene in the early 2000s. After years in the US, they are now back in Denmark and ready to conquer the dancefloors with
rumbling kicks and sexy, hard-hitting grooves. Selene also just launched the new cool party-series in town, Witch Department at Institut for X. Named after the goddess of the moon, 89 Selene shines on lovesick ravers and allures them to dance into the formless night. Emerging directly from the floor to the booth, 89 Selene knows that high-octane techno in the ears and butterflies in the stomach are the closest this world comes to a cure.

instagram: repz822

Soundcloud: Coming…


Mads Rehl aka DJ NATHAN
➳ 12 years of playing techno, primarily in Copenhagen, with a residency at Culture Box for 5 years.
➳ Promoter/Events: BULK, https://www.facebook.com/ITSBULK
➳ Label owner: Forgotten Figures, https://www.facebook.com/Forgottencph
➳ Currently playing techno, and mainly the darker subgenres.
➳ Vinyl only