ANJA PI + The Lovy Dovies

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3. december 2022 kl. 22:00 – 4. december 2022 kl. 3:00
Vestergade 58
Aarhus 8000
ANJA PI + The Lovy Dovies @ EQualclub | Aarhus | Denmark

Anja Pi loves to create sound-journeys that tend to be trippy, but yet cute and sensual. Fusing rapid and steady genres to create tension and contrast.
In her night collection you will find genres like techno, trance and electronica. In her daytime collection you will find (indie)house, keta-pop and (ro)minimal and (nu)disco. All reunited and connected by dominated sounds of raw synth, acid and heart melting synth-pop vocals. She mixes after her mood swings, which can go from jolly sunshine house to melancholic and avant-garde pieces of cold hearted love stories.
Anja Pi is a co-founder of VibroAcoustics, where bass and vibration is used to heal and create bodily connection. As well a co-founder and member of the Copenhagen based DJ-collective Meta Cat collective.

The Lovy Dovies is the alias of Chrissy Missy and Babajinix when they team up to spread good vibes and love energy to everybody. Together they run EQual Club.
Babajinix is an Aarhus based DJ and dance floor enthusiast and the founder of EQual Club. Coming from a background as psychedelic trance producer, and as event and festival organiser with more than 20 years of experience, he is no stranger to the scene and still a regular guest at underground raves as well as prominent club events. He loves to make people smile and dance when he dives into his vast collections of music that varies from classic disco to funky groovy house music and fun loving Big Room EDM bangers.
Chrissy Missy is the other half of EQual Club and a shooting star behind the decks. Her mixes are full of love and will without a doubt bring your body moving and in a good mood. She loves a good groove and to have fun with the music.
Bring your friends, come and hang out at Equal Club.
EQualclub After Dark is a diversity night club initiative.
House rules
➳ No Racism
➳ No sexism
➳ No Homophobia
➳ No Transphobia
➳ No Body Shaming
➳ No Discrimination
➳ No Touching Without Consent
➳ Be kind to one another and take care of each other.
➳ No smoking indoors policy.
➳ Illegal substance use will not be tolerated.
If you feel like you are being harassed or receive unwanted attention, please, report this immediately to the staff so we can help mitigate the problem or remove the unwanted individuals.
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