Beginners’ Party + intro to Shim Sham

Klik for at se kortet
23. september 2022 kl. 19:30 – 19:30
Carl Blochs Gade 28
Aarhus 8000
Beginners' Party + intro to Shim Sham @ Folkestedet | Aarhus | Denmark

Dear fellow beginners,

👉 We know how anxious it can be to come for a social dance when you don’t know anyone. Therefore, we invite you to the Beginners’ Party this Friday!

🦝 19.30 Intro to Shim Sham
🦝 20.00 Social Dancing with Beginner’s friendly swing tunes
🦝 22.00 End

👉 Why should you come?
Because you will have the time to get to know your fellow dancers from the classes better, practice what you learned and meet other dancers in the community.
You will also get a free introduction class to Shim Sham.

👉 What is Shim Sham?
The Shim Sham Shimmy, Shim Sham or just Sham originally is a particular tap dance routine and is regarded as tap dance’s national anthem. For today’s swing dancers, it is a line dance.
We dance the Shim Sham at every social dance; it’s fun and improves your dancing skills. Therefore you should learn it. 😉

👉 Can I come, if I’m not a beginner and I’m not dancing shag in Copenhagen and I have nowhere to go on Friday?
Yes, you can. And you should. 😉

Remember to bring your drinks, a towel and an extra t-shirt.
See you on the dance floor!

Place: Folkestedet, Room 1.4 (dance room upstairs)

Call us on the doorbell or the phone number attached to the entrance.
Folkestedet is locked in the evening for security reasons, so all the different communities can feel safe using the space after working hours. Your fellow dancer will come down and open the door.
Always help each other and let fellow dancers inside the house.

This event is FREE.

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*Membership is included when you sign up for the classes.