BORENSTEIN (S) – Live Techno – support: W3ilynn (CN)

25. marts 2023 kl. 22:00 – 22:00
BORENSTEIN (S) - Live Techno - support: W3ilynn (CN) @ EQualclub

This night we got some treats for you.
First we start newcomer W3ilynn – a shanghainese DJ based in Aarhus – she will get the house warmed up with a smooth blend of hiphop, tech house, deep house and disco before we move on the main act of the night – producer and live set artist Borenstein -who will take the party into with 140+ bmp live techno mode

ue to the limited space at the venue we encourage to buy your tickets in advacne or come early
Tickets online: 60,- kr. incl. coat check
Tickets at the door: 70,- incl. coat check

Borenstein – Live techno act

Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, producer and live set artist Borenstein is now based in Copenhagen with its flourishing techno scene. Primarily a live set artist, he performs with a compact hardware-only setup and is gaining attention for his dynamic sounding performances that provide a fresh new take on techno. Expect 140+ BPM.

Borenstein’s been producing electronic music since 2012 and has been experimenting wildly with different genres. However it wasn’t until 2018 when Borenstein dwelled deeper into the world of hardware that he finally found his own sound in a faster form of techno. Borenstein recently joined Petite Victory Collective, a label, event organiser and collective for artists that focuses on hardware music production and live set performances, based in Copenhagen but with members globally. Borenstein, who had a remix together with Moby, released on Moby’s own label “Little Idiot” in 2014, released his debut EP “Vague Intentions” on Petite Victory Collective in 2022. Much more to come from Borenstein in 2023.

SoMe and media:
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* Latest EP Release Press Kit

Selected live-set material:
* Urban 13
* Depot Cph
* Pumpehuset


W3ilynn (Weiling Ni) is a Shanghainese DJ based in Aarhus. Being influenced by her academicand life background, she not only sees DJ as an opportunity to bring groovy beats of Hiphop, Tech House, Deep House and Disco to the dance floor, but also holds the view that DJ performs and produces sound art to the stage where the aesthetic of music connects with the audiences from different backgrounds regardless of genders, cultures and languages.