Bruno & Raiza zoukweekend in Aarhus

29. april 2022 kl. 17:00 – 1. maj 2022 kl. 22:30
Aarhus, Denmark
Bruno & Raiza zoukweekend in Aarhus @ Aarhus, Denmark

We are very happy and proud to announce that we will host a zouk practice weekend with Bruno Galhardo and Raiza Previato.
Besides being amazing dancers Bruno and Raiza are also excellent teachers giving thorough explanations presenting their consistent methodology.

Bruno and Raiza are some of the teachers we (from the board/instructors) ourselves turn to when we want to learn more, and they have given important contributions to the zouk journey for each one of us!
Now all of you will get the chance to experience them here in Aarhus 🙂

Read more about Bruno and Raiza here:

The weekend will be with 8 hours of classes, as well as three socials. There will be a limited numbers of spots.

Preliminary Program:
Friday 29/4 (Fritidscenter Skovvang):
18.30-19.30: WS
19.30-22.30: Social

Saturday 30/4 (Fritidscenter Skovvang?)
10-12.30: WS
12.30-13.30: Lunchbreak
13.30-15: WS
15-17: social
18.30-19.30: Dinner together
19.30 – 22.30 party

Sunday 1/5 (Brobjerg Skolen / Folkestedet)
12 – 13.30: WS
14 – 15.30: WS
15.30 – 17.30 social
18 – 19 Dinner together?
19 – 23 Party/social

Information about themes of workshops, prize and sign-up procedure will follow soon.