Contact improvisation w/ Karl Frost

24. september 2022 kl. 10:00 – 25. september 2022 kl. 16:00
Oddervej 80, 8270 Aarhus, Danmark
Contact improvisation w/ Karl Frost @ Oddervej 80, 8270 Aarhus, Danmark

A weekend with Karl Frost exploring the kinesthetic possibilities of bodies moving through physical contact … a mixture of technical exploration of body mechanics, system-calming body-work, and open frames of investigation and play, pulling from Karl’s 35 years of CI experience

September 24th: 10.00-17.30
September 25th: 10.00-16.00

“Det Blå Hus”: Oddervej 80, 8270 Højbjerg.

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Contact Improvisation is a 50 year old open-ended practice exploring the physical possibilities of bodies moving through contact, shared balance, and interdependent structures.

The workshop will be for people who already have an introduction to contact improvisation, and who are excited by the exploration of mechanics in contact. I know some folks who have danced a lot of CI in the past have done so less in the last years, and so warming into giving and receiving weight and focus on healthy body use will be central. Coincident with this being the 50th anniversary of Magnesium, Steve Paxton’s piece that started CI, my interest and teaching in the last year in Europe has really been based in the “classic contact improvisation” of weight sharing duets and mechanically interdependent movement… subtle and gross level mechanics, lift vocabulary, adaptive body use for soft power and lightness, and proprioceptive play.

Supporting these more gross level explorations is the “Small Dance”… the ongoing movement of the body inside of whatever intentional movement we perform. I’ve been fascinated with the development of presence and openness that comes from revisiting the “small dance” as starting place, where the act of deep, patient physical listening generates the core of the movement exploration. In tuning into and staying grounded in the small dance, we let go of subtle fight/flight/freeze responses to change, allowing for organic movement intelligence and a sense of curiosity and wonder in motion.

The workshop will be an improvised wandering back and forth between subtle physical listening exercises and more gross level explorations of shared mechanics, working with the range of curiosities and bodies present. We look for the calm within the storm of motion and the wild rides of subtle sensation.

We’ll aim for a friendly, convivial space of shared exploration of bodies and physical/experiential art.

A lot of body work
Some mind work
Some slowing down
Some speeding up
and a fair bit of sweat!

This is an open level workshop, but everyone will be expected to already have some exposure to contact improvisation.

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