Ecstatic DANCE and plant trees

26. august 2023 kl. 18:00 – 21:00
Ibo D Yildirim

🌳🎶 Ecstatic DANCE and Plant Trees 🌳🎶

Dive into a captivating musical journey that will ignite your soul and unleash your inner dancer!

💃🕺🌿 As you dance your heart out, you’ll be contributing to a greener planet! For every participant in this event, Anzaro Quantum Healing will plant a tree through its network of partners and transformative mobile apps. With our reforestation project already thriving in Turkey and thousands of trees already planted in Africa, we’re on a mission to bring the healing power of dance and the gift of nature together.

🌍💚 Together, we can make a significant impact, one dance step at a time! Join us in our global journey to plant billions of trees and transform not only the lands but also the lives of people across the world. Your dance moves will become a symbol of positive change, rejuvenating both the Earth and our spirits.

Facilitated by Ibo – DJ, space-holder, founder of Anzaro Quantum Healing and co-creator of Ecstatic Flow, this ecstatic dance event promises to take you on a mesmerising exploration of your body’s movement.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event where movement meets purpose, and where dancing creates a greener, more harmonious world. Spread the word, invite your friends, and let’s dance our way to a brighter future! See you on the dance floor!

18.00: Doors open, mingle & chill
19.00: Ecstatic Dance
21.00: After Dance chill
22.00: Closing

Participation is free, but we are open for donations to support our projects.

A short documentary about Ecstatic Dance:

These are the guidelines for Ecstatic Dance to help create a safe and sacred space for everyone:

1. Respectful Movement: Express yourself freely through dance, while being mindful of others’ personal space and boundaries. Dance in a way that feels authentic to you, without interfering with others’ experiences.

2. No Talking: Embrace the power of non-verbal communication on the dance floor. Use body language to connect and express, allowing the music to guide your movements.

3. Conscious Connection: Connect with yourself and others through eye contact and smiles. Dance can be a profound way to establish meaningful connections without words.

4. Sober Environment: Ecstatic Dance is a drug and alcohol-free space. Let the music and your body be your natural high as you embark on this journey of movement and self-discovery.

5. Footwear(Optional): Feel the earth beneath your feet and experience a deeper connection by dancing barefoot. If shoes are necessary, choose clean, non-marking ones to preserve the dance floor.

6. Consent and Boundaries: Always seek and obtain consent before initiating any physical contact during the dance. Respect each individual’s boundaries and personal space.

7. Personal Hygiene: Embrace a scent-free environment to ensure the comfort of all participants. Freshen up before joining the dance to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

8. Mobile Devices: Disconnect from technology during the dance to immerse fully in the experience. Store your devices in a safe place and enjoy the present moment.

9. Emotional Expression: Allow yourself to feel and express emotions through dance. Whether it’s joy, sadness, or anything in between, let the music be your outlet.

10. Gratitude and Appreciation: Show appreciation for the dance space, organizers, and fellow dancers. Together, we create a vibrant and supportive community.

Let’s dance with open hearts, respect, and a shared passion for movement. Embrace the freedom of expression and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the language of dance. Enjoy the Ecstatic Dance experience to the fullest! 🎶💃🕺

Looking forward for a magical evening with all of you.

Much Love,

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