Phtalo aka Heidi Mortenson – live // support : DJ Oktober30

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11. februar 2023 kl. 22:00 – 22:00
Vestergade 58
Aarhus 8000
Phtalo aka Heidi Mortenson - live // support : DJ Oktober30 @ EQualclub | Aarhus | Denmark

About Phthalo:
Heidi Mortenson aka Phtalo is an electronic composer and music producer. Mortenson has a long solo career with 7 studio albums and his own label Wired Records. Over the years, she has developed her very own eclectic style and played across Europe. She has 9 Gaffa Award nominations and has remixed Laurie Anderson, Austra and Else Marie Pade. Her music is featured in The L Word. And then Phtalo, via The Lake Radio, has its own podcast My House In Your Haus, about electronic music.

About the music:
Under Heidi Mortenson’s non-binary artist name Phtalo, you find a carefully selected machine park of synth, glitch and vocals. Phtalo distills an experimental approach, of dynamic sound and versatile composition, into breathtaking works strung between detailed tapestries of sound and gesturing electronica. Like Phtalo’s gender-nonconforming identity, the music is quick to take new forms while keeping the core intact. In the music, Phtalo invites us on a journey that lets us board and face the unexpected.


Oktober30 is an emerging Aarhus-based hungarian dj, who blendshard-hitting and melodic techno. After producing for 3 years, shetook up DJ-ing, establishing a sound full of energy, which just makesyou want to move. In her sets, music has a direction, keeping youalways engaged and invested. Her production can be charcterizedby an unique sound design, organic samples and a number ofsubgenres ranging from breakbeat, melodic techno, hardtechno totrance.
She has always been engaged in music, ever since her parentsintroduced the world of electronic music at a young age. She grew uplistening to Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Vangelis and many moreiconic electonic figures, who are now inspiring her to express herselfthrough music production and mixing.
As she is at the beginning of her career, her style is eclectic and everchanging. She is experimenting with different sound designs, slowlyfinding her own unique sound along the way.

Instagram: oktober30_
Soundcloud: Oktober30
Spotify: Oktober30