LINDY GAMES Workshop Part 2

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27. november 2022 kl. 18:15 – 19:45
Carl Blochs Gade 28
Aarhus 8000
LINDY GAMES Workshop Part 2 @ Folkestedet | Aarhus | Denmark

18.15-19.45 LINDY GAMES Workshop Part 2 with Jonathan & Fatima
Room 1.1
Price: Small fee of 25 kr. Register here:

Jazz moves are always your friends. This workshop is very complementary to what we did in the Part 1 but also independent (no need to attend Part 1 to attend Part 2). This second workshop will explore different aspects of co-creation in a more solo Jazz approach.

We will cover some simple ideas to be more confident dancing solo Jazz but note that it does not mean you have to dance alone….on the contrary.

Open to all levels, as long as you are ready to dance. No need to know many Jazz moves, you will get inspired on the spot.

Remember to bring your drinks, a towel and an extra t-shirt.

Entrance to Folkestedet:
Call us at the doorbell or on the phone number attached to the entrance.
Folkestedet is locked in the evening due to security reasons, so all the different communities can feel safe using the space after working hours. We will have volunteers coming down and opening the doors.
Always help each other and let fellow dancers inside the house.