Maniac Productions label night vol.1 (psytrance, twilight and forest in Århus C)

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9. juni 2023 kl. 22:00 – 10. juni 2023 kl. 5:00
Vestergade 58
Aarhus 8000
Maniac Productions label night vol.1 (psytrance, twilight and forest in Århus C) @ CasaV58 | Aarhus | Denmark

The waiting is over, and its time for a label party 🔥 Therefore Maniac Productions would like to invite You, to an unforgettable night, filled with psytrance and colours, in the middle of Aarhus! Because this is a label party, all the artists behind the decks this evening, will be from our little maniac family 🤖 The 3 live acts have alot of new material for this party, and within the next couple of months, there will be fresh releases from them as well..!!!

This night V58 is going to be covered in sweet decorations and visuals. We are pretty sure, there will be candy, for both Your eyes and ears 🥳💥💯

All info about releases, parties, and so on, can be found here on our facebook page…

You should be EXCITED for this one, I know we are .. 😛


🎧Cordyceps🎧 (Forest) dj set 🇩🇰

🎧Smølf🎧 (Psytrance) dj set 🇩🇰

🎧Bugswap🎧 (Psytrance/Twilight) live set 🇩🇰

🎧Maniac Bugs🎧 (Psytrance/Twilight) FIRST TIME LIVE 🇩🇰

🎧Gollu🎧 (Psychedelic) live set 🇩🇰

‼‼Open use of drugs will get you kicked out from the party without a question, and if you get caught with GHB/Fantasy You will get lifetime ban from Maniac Productions parties! That shit We dont want at our events‼‼


D&B Audiotechnik 🔊🎵🎶


Neil Gibson 🇨🇦

String Aling 🇩🇰


Ojnsnolr 🇩🇰

Artwork for event made by FL Graphic Design!!

💠💠ENTRANCE: 120 kr💠💠