Social Dance at Folkestedet with valid corona pass

14. juni 2021 kl. 19:30 – 22:00
Social Dance at Folkestedet with valid corona pass

Social Dance on mondays is starting again! Come and dance and practice with your fellow dancers.

We will dance in room 1.4.

IMPORTANT for all who participate: You need a corona passport to join events at Folkestedet and to wear a facemasks when walking around in the area around 1.4.

PLEASE read: Information from Folkestedet:

Dear user of Folkestedet

Welcome back to you all! How wonderful it is with life in the house. We have just a few things we want to inform you about in connection with the reopening.

Remember the mouthpiece – also inside the premise.

We would like to remind you that you must remember the bandages – also inside the premises. In order for us to keep the house open, it is really important that we all remember this.

The requirement for a mouthpiece does not apply to lectures or physical activity, including training and singing.

We make daily samples and in case we ask, you must be able to present a valid Corona passport.

This means that you must be able to show that you have either been fully vaccinated (the vaccine must be 14 days old) or that you have a negative Corona test that is a maximum of 72 hours old.

You can only use the main entrance when you enter the Folkestedet.

Outside our normal opening hours (Monday – Thursday from 9 – 15 and Friday from 9 – 14) it is your responsibility as an association to check your participants’ Corona passports in connection with holding activities in the house.

If the guidelines are not complied with, the association itself is responsible.
You must also wear a bandage or visor when you move around the Folkestedet.

This also applies to physical activities, such as dancing, etc. The mouthpiece must be removed when you sit down.

From 7 May, the distance requirement has been updated:

• Between citizens, the distance is 1 meter, unless you have physical activity or sing, then the distance is 2 meters.
• The distance between employees is 1 meter.
• The distance between employees and citizens is 2 meters (outdoors, however, only 1 meter).