Sofus Forsberg – Live Techno /// Support : Ivalu & The Lovy Dovies

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5. november 2022 kl. 22:00 – 6. november 2022 kl. 3:00
Vestergade 58
Aarhus 8000
Sofus Forsberg - Live Techno /// Support : Ivalu & The Lovy Dovies @ EQualclub | Aarhus | Denmark

Sofus was born in 1970 in the outskirts of Copenhagen. After a longer period of working in Berlin he is now residing in Aarhus in Denmark.

Growing up in a musically inspiring and stimulating environment, it was clear to him from very early on that he wanted to play music. The influence music had on the people around him was too strong to overlook. Attending a Depeche Mode concert in 1983 had a huge impact on his musical development.

Later in 1986 Sofus learned himself to play the guitar with the inspiration of New Order which formed a foundation for both musical understanding and also to learn himself various aspects of an artistic musical life.

Around 1995 on his way to a gig he heard Goldie’s Timeless, so when the band he was playing in broke up he rushed out and bought a computer and a sampler and started produce electronic music. He got more influenced by Warp and especially Boards Of Canada and Autechre releasing albums and playing loads of concerts with his special IDM style.

In 2011 he moved to Berlin which proved to be a gamechanger. The experience from the dancefloors and the raves told another story about how music could be used and perceived in a totally different way than what he was used to and to this day provides endless inspiration for him. The club culture and the huge thriving scene in Berlin made a perfect background to spark a new direction to develop and examine sound, the groove and the intention of the sounddesign.
During the last 5 years he has been making a name for himself playing on festivals and clubs with some of the most respected names on the techno scene. He has been building an identity as a LIVE performer playing his own music on his modular synth and Octatrack. With a foundation in shamanistic work he is providing an experimental edge with excursions into drones and a rather hypnotic style as an expression of his art with the experience from rave culture and the Berlin techno scene.

Sofus has released music on labels as ‘Atmophile Electronics’, ‘Norite’ and ‘Mindwaves Music’, written music for theater and dance performances, worked as a mastering engineer including a short collaboration with Dadub Mastering Studio, collaborated with other art forms, played in a big band and played electronic music live since the late 90’s on venues and festivals such as Sonar and Boom Festivals.


Ivalu is an upcoming dj and she absolutely loves techno, and started sharing the vibe and music that led her to the day, she was technotized. First time we heard her play was when she grab the decks at a private afterparty down town in Aarhus and people just went ecstatic, coz this girl knows how to techno…..That’s why we are delighted to have her at our club and leave her to play melodic, minimal and bad ass music to our guests. 😎 @ivalu8

The Lovy Dovies is the alias of Chrissy Missy and Babajinix when they team up to spread good vibes and love energy to everybody. Together they run EQual Club.

Babajinix is an Aarhus based DJ and dance floor enthusiast and the founder of EQual Club. Coming from a background as psychedelic trance producer, and as event and festival organiser with more than 20 years of experience, he is no stranger to the scene and still a regular guest at underground raves as well as prominent club events. He loves to make people smile and dance when he dives into his vast collections of music that varies from classic disco to funky groovy house music and fun loving Big Room EDM bangers.

Chrissy Missy is the other half of EQual Club and a shooting star behind the decks. Her mixes are full of love and will without a doubt bring your body moving and in a good mood. She loves a good groove and to have fun with the music.

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