Vivien Oldy + Raadu X Babajinix

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7. maj 2022 kl. 22:00 – 22:00
Vestergade 58
Aarhus 8000
Vivien Oldy + Raadu X Babajinix @ CasaV58 | Aarhus | Denmark

We invite you to join our popular EQualclub After Dark bar in the basement of CasaV58- This Saturday we kick off the night with a back2back set when DJ Radu Dobos presents a uplifting powerful and groovy sound journey together with his friend Babajinix and get the floor hot for Vivien Oldy to crystallize and melt.

Raadu is a Techno DJ and Producer bred in the Danish Electronic Music Scene originally born in Romania. His passion for electronic music started more than 12 years and it’s continuously growing. Radu is based in Aarhus, Denmark.
Radu’s music style varies from Techno, House, and many sub-genres of electronic music.
He plays at different events throughout Denmark and Romania and various festivals such as Decipher Festival [Aarhus], Immense Festival [Aarhus], Chi Kong, HDR, Equal Club, Lines [Aalborg], Lonely Hearts Club [Copenhagen], V58, Cafe Paradis and much more…
His representative sound is Techno, but he can read the crowd and bring a good mood with some fine tunes that will get the party moving

Facebook: Raadu

Babajinix focuses on storytelling and using sound to influence different states of mind. From slow disco to groovy house to EDM bangers and hard hitting techno into small love stories with a hint of space, acid and electro all with a positive state of mind.

Babajinix is a Aarhus based DJ and dance floor enthusiast. He is a believer in the healing power of music and dance and the founder EQualclub


Born in Latvia and now based in Aalborg (Denmark), Vivien Oldy often delivers intense narratives through her mixes, incorporating a broad spectrum from trippy minimal to psycho-active techno.
She related with “LINES”, “Abøve” and “ThrillZ” events series.

By being a transgender person, she creates a free-minded club environment and brings to her city the underground spirit of Berlin.
Her house became an island of club culture in Aalborg, where she arranges underground home parties.

EQualclub After Dark is a diversity night club initiative.

House rules

➳ No Racism
➳ No sexism
➳ No Homophobia
➳ No Transphobia
➳ No Body Shaming
➳ No Discrimination
➳ No Touching Without Consent
➳ Be kind to one another and take care of each other.
➳ No smoking indoors policy.
➳ Illegal substance use will not be tolerated.

If you feel like you are being harassed or receive unwanted attention, please, report this immediately to the staff so we can help mitigate the problem or remove the unwanted individuals.

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Art and cultural expressions can do something particularly, that politics, history, teaching and other communication can’t. Art and culture can create and inspire us, and tell us about a person or a generations life experiences and thoughts from a single image, figure, sentence or song.
Art and culture help to create self-esteem, confidence, togetherness and identity for one person, one ethnic group, one cultural identity, one social class or one generations, and it can help us to remember and experience our shared memories in a sensory way, and show a more diverse image of society and our mutual relationships. And importantly art and culture can help break down prejudice and stigmas.
We believe in using art and culture to become wiser, so we can recognise each other’s stories, characters and identities and feel a kind of understanding and togetherness.