POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2021: Technique Extravaganza – Workshop with Miranda and Eiki @ Frederiksbjerg Skole | Aarhus | Denmark
POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2021: Technique Extravaganza – Workshop with Miranda and Eiki
sep 11 kl. 10:30 – sep 12 kl. 14:00
Frederiksbjerg Skole
POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 2021: Technique Extravaganza – Workshop with Miranda and Eiki @ Frederiksbjerg Skole | Aarhus | Denmark

Technique Extravaganza – Workshop with Miranda and Eiki at;

Frederiksbjerg skole
Ingerslevs Boulevard 2
8000 Aarhus C

THIS WEEKEND workshop in Aarhus –

11 of September 2021: Saturday 10:30 -15:30 (including a 45 min. lunch break)

12 of September 2021: Sunday 10:00 – 14:00 (including a 45 min. lunch break)

Miranda and Eiki will return!


2. themes during the weekend:

Awesome keys to wonderful swing-outs & Fast song, No problem.

Price – ONLY: 600 DKK for a couple.

SIGN UP HERE AND BUY your couple ticket here:

Fully refundable ticket, in case of government restrictions.

Ticket is also transferable in case anyone feels sick.

WHERE: Frederiksbjerg School, Ingerslevs Boulevard 2, 8000 Aarhus C

LEVEL REQUIREMENT: This workshop is for anyone who’s been dancing more than one semester.

IMPORTANT INFO: The Danish Authorities’ recommendations now allow dancing workshops for couple dancing with the same partner the whole time. Therefore there will be no couple rotation during the weekend workshop. If the guidelines are more flexible and normalized in November it will be possible to have couple rotation.

If you don’t have a steady dance partner it is possible to search for a dance partner in Aarhus Lindyhopper’s facebook group here:


There will be 2 great themes during the workshop:

1. Awesome keys to wonderful swing-outs:

One of the hidden truths in Lindy Hop is that there is not one single correct swing-out. In this class we will teach technique to be able to dance a variety of different and comfortable swing outs. One of the overlooked keys to awesome swing-outs is arm technique. To be able to vary the ways we do a swing-out, having relaxed arms will not only make it comfortable for everyone but make it possible to execute a vast variety of ways to make this wonderful figure more exciting and fun. Furthermore, we will work with the concepts of flow and momentum. Controlling momentum, managing distance, and focusing on flow will unlock some of the countless secrets of this classic and base figure of Lindy Hop.

2. Fast song, No problem:

Want to learn how to dance easily to super fast songs? Groove walk steps are great for both Charleston style, as well as Swing style songs. With Groove walk steps you can conserve energy for both yourself and your partner but still be able to be creative with figures you already know, as well as new figures. Especially when you want to be able to dance to fast songs in a relaxed and non stressful way.


Miranda loves everything about swing dancing, and brings energy, musicality and positivity to any event she goes to. She started dancing 7 years ago, first Blues, later Lindy Hop, Vernacular Jazz, Balboa, Fusion, and Tango. She’s an accomplished follow and a skilled lead. She spent the last 4 and a half years teaching Lindy Hop in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Uppsala, in addition to a handful of international events. The years of experience let her share her passion with others in a fun, friendly, inclusive way. To her, the core of the dances is joy, musicality, and the connection she has with her partner.

Eiki started to dance Lindy Hop in 2007 in his hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland, and Eiki quickly dove into as much dancing he could get his hands on. Getting into dances like Vernacular Jazz,

Boogie Woogie, Salsa, Folke Swing, Balboa & Blues. Lindy Hop remained his main focus and he started sharing his passion in 2009, teaching regular classes in Iceland. From 2011 to 2013, Eiki taught Swing dance classes full time for Ali & Katja’s SwingStep club in Heidelberg. In that time he taught all over Germany and at different international events in Europe. Since 2015, Eiki has been teaching Lindy Hop classes in Copenhagen. In his classes, Eiki loves to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere while using a methodical approach and precise statements to bring his students to the next level.

Miranda and Eiki started teaching together more than 3 years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Their focus has been to share playful, relaxed and conversational dancing. The core of their dance philosophy is dancing to the music and listening to your partner through a comfortable and relaxed connection.

Aarhus Rooftop Rueda Flash Mob 2020
Aarhus Rooftop Rueda Flash Mob 2020
okt 2 kl. 16:00 – 16:00
Arrangør: Rueda Aarhus
Aarhus Rooftop Rueda Flash Mob 2020

Corona-update: Den internationale Rueda Flash Mob Day er udskudt til 27. marts 21.

Den 27. Marts er international Rueda Casino Flash Mob Day 2021. Aarhus har vi den tradition, at vi her laver en Rooftop Rueda, for at få luft under vingerne. Vi danser på Salling Rooftop 😁.
Vi har før danset i Rådhustårnet, på taget af Musikhuset og på taget af Godsbanen.
Sæt x i kalenderen og glæd dig 🙂

Obs: Tidspunkt på dagen kan ændre sig.

🌈🌈Kom i ensfarvet tøj fra top til tå – så laver vi en Rainbow Rueda!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈💚💙💜💛❤️

Join the Regn, Rusk & Rueda 2021 Weekend, Nov.12-14 in Aarhus @ Aarhus Hostel | Hasselager | Denmark
Join the Regn, Rusk & Rueda 2021 Weekend, Nov.12-14 in Aarhus
nov 12 kl. 15:00 – nov 14 kl. 14:00
Arrangør: Rueda Aarhus
Aarhus Hostel
Join the Regn, Rusk & Rueda 2021 Weekend, Nov.12-14 in Aarhus @ Aarhus Hostel | Hasselager | Denmark

Dear all
Due to the actual corona-situation in Denmark the Regn, Rusk & Rueda Weekend 2020 is postphoned to November 12-14 in 2021.
We are looking so much forward to see you and dance with you all! (Y)

See you at an total awesome RRR-2021 Weekend in Aarhus!

“Let´s Dance Rueda de Casino”
Greetings from Rueda Aarhus