sat09mar(mar 9)22:00sun10(mar 10)03:00EQual Club x DOGU Records - Ruskomsnusk - Ugler I Mosen - Prosopagnosia - Zoolog22:00 - 03:00 (10)(GMT+01:00) EQualclub Event Organized By: EQualclub

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DOGU RECORDS is a community and record label based in Aarhus, Denmark.

We are excited to presents DOGU Records with these supreme acts :

◢ Ruskomsnusk ◥

◢ Ugler I Mosen ◥

◢ Prosopagnosia ◥

◢ Zoolog ◥

Meet Rasmus Frisgaard, better known as Ruskomsnusk (Other aliases: Børnelim, Børneslim, Ørneslim, Bob). His journey into the enigmatic realms of psytrance began at underground forest parties in Moesgaard during the late 2000s. Evolving into an integral part of Dogu, Rasmus birthed the psytrance project Ruskomsnusk.

With years of psytrance production under his belt, Ruskomsnusk took center stage for his first live performance in Northern Jutland in 2020. The following year saw the release of his inaugural track on Jyske Lov. In late 2023, he unveiled his debut album, “Sort Sovs,” marking a significant milestone in his sonic voyage. Notably, Ruskomsnusk is also a key player in the collaborative project Kult-25 alongside Prosopagnosia.

Links to the auditory odyssey:

Ugler I Mosen

Ugler I Mosen is the enchanting forest psytrance project of Martin Frost. From a young age, his love for nature and electronic music converged, setting the stage for a musical journey like no other. At 19, Martin attended his first psytrance event, a pivotal moment that forever altered the trajectory of his musical life.

Already a music producer, he felt the call to craft his own unique sound, fusing psytrance with the ethereal landscapes that danced in his mind during long walks through the forests of southern Denmark. Ugler I Mosen is an artistic endeavor, an expression of Martin’s emotions and visions cultivated through immersive experiences in nature. From solitary wanderings to organizing and attending forest parties in the lush southern Danish woods, every moment has contributed to shaping his musical identity.

Links to the woodland symphony:


Prosopagnosia’s journey into the captivating realms of Forest-trance and darkpsy began amidst the enchanting Moesgaard forest in 2014, sparking an enduring obsession. Since then, it’s been a profound musical odyssey for him.

With a DJing journey that started in 2016, Prosopagnosia has been weaving sonic tales on and off, immersing listeners in the depths of his chosen genres. Not just a DJ, he is also a skilled producer, sharing his creations on esteemed platforms like Dogu Records and Milega. His debut on the V/A Jyske Lov, the inaugural compilation from Dogu Records, marked a significant milestone, showcasing not only his talent but also his contribution to shaping the musical narrative.

Links to the sonic voyage:



Embark on a global journey with Zoolog, a seasoned DJ/Producer with over a decade of musical exploration spanning 30+ countries. From rocking festivals like Fullmoon Festival (Germany), Freqs of Nature, Free Earth, to underground gatherings and secret soirées, Zoolog’s thumbprint is felt worldwide.

Having graced stages at Modem, Lost Theory, Midnight Sun, and more, Zoolog’s beats have echoed across diverse landscapes. He’s not just a music maestro; he’s a curator of experiences, organizing massive indoor events and contributing his celestial expertise to festival line-ups.

In the studio, Zoolog is a wizard. Mastering releases for renowned labels such as Grimm, Pukkawallah, Mighty Quinn, and more, his transcendent creations have left an indelible mark on the psytrance scene. From crafting eye-catching flyers to designing CD covers and mesmerizing VJ shows, Zoolog’s creativity knows no bounds.

Now, alongside like-minded friends, Zoolog is steering the ship at Dogu Records. The journey continues, and the beats keep evolving.

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9 (Saturday) 22:00 - 10 (Sunday) 03:00(GMT+01:00)