sat04may(may 4)22:00sun05(may 5)3:00Onkel Dunkel x Disobedient Perception x Freya Rose22:00 - 3:00 (5)(GMT+02:00) Vestergade 58, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark Event Organized By: EQualclub

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Onkel Dunkel is the musical alter ego of Monno, producer, mastering engineer, synth lover and sound designer. Born and raised in Denmark, he has been involved with music one way or another since his late teens. First as a bass player at the age of 17, but the introduction to Psychedelic Trance lead to him ditching his bass and getting into computers and synthesizers. Fast forward a couple of years and the project Grapes of Wrath was born. Together with his partner in crime Jaffa, they were on a mission to make harder edged music than most were doing at the time. This culminated in the seminal split album with Meteloids: “Tits on Fire” Released on Parvati Records in 2004 and considered a milestone release for that label. Since 2006 Monno has mainly released music as Onkel Dunkel and his second album “Connections” Was released in June 2017. Comprised of only tracks with friends that came for a visit in the studio, it ́s a mix of influences spanning far and wide. His latest release is a 3 track EP called “Up Your Arsenal” Let loose on the unsuspecting public in November 2018.
Keep an eye out for your favorite Onkel this spring and summer. Fun is guaranteed!!!

Freya Rose, a Northern Denmark-based DJ, discovered her love for music at a young age, initially playing bass guitar in her teens. Over time, her passion shifted towards electronic music, specifically psychedelic genres.

Active in the psychedelic music scene for years, Freya has immersed herself in dancefloors, showcased her art, and organized raves and festivals. In the summer of 2021, she transitioned to DJing, specializing in psygressive, dark prog and zenonesque, and occasionally exploring faster electronic and psychedelic genres. During the past years she’s been playing at festivals, clubs and raveparties around Denmark, and she’s been blasting psychedelic tunes abroad – in places like Sweden, France, Italy, at Moksha Project and at the legendary Shiva Valley in Goa.

In the beginning of 2024 she announced her participation in the new artistic collective and label “Arcanum Collective”, which she describes as “a boundless creative platform, a family where we can co-create, experiment and support eachother in doing what we love”

She’s known for surprising her audience with her playful and twisted style, taking you on a journey through hard bass and groovy tunes.

Disobedient Perception draws profound inspiration from the trailblazers of psytrance in and around the vibrant city of Århus. This one-man endeavor exudes an avid passion for immersive auditory experiences, blending elements of forestry, funk, and celestial tones.
Nurtured by the ethereal rhythms of Goa Trance since youth, the artist’s debut EP, “Take Away,” released on Parvati Records in 2020, served as a mesmerizing introduction to his enigmatic soundscapes, captivating listeners with their mystical allure. Additionally, Disobedient Perception has found a nurturing home under the banner of Vantara Vichitra Records as a primary label, and Dogu Records as a secondary label, further solidifying his presence in the psytrance scene


4 (Saturday) 22:00 - 5 (Sunday) 3:00(GMT+02:00)


Vestergade 58, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

Vestergade 58P, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark