sat24feb(feb 24)22:00sun25(feb 25)03:00Sofus Forsberg - Live - Support : LUNI (FEUM) - Maricle (D/DK)22:00 - 03:00 (25)(GMT+01:00) EQualclub Event Organized By: EQualclub

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We are proud to present our dear friend and exceptional electronic musician Sofus Forsberg – This night he will be supported by LUNI (FEUM) and

Over the past couple of years, Sofus Forsberg has quietly emerged as a true luminary in the world of live performances, crafting a personal and distinct sound that resonates profoundly with listeners.

As a veteran producer with a passion for atmospheric industrial sounds in the deep hypnotic techno genre, Sofus takes you on an immersive journey. His music is a fusion of deep, solid, forward-moving rhythms, grooves, and layers of droney patterns immersed in psychedelic effects and noise.

Having spent 6 transformative years in Berlin, Sofus became an integral part of the thriving techno scene, showcasing his skillful live modular-synth performances. This is more than just music; it’s an invitation to dance, reflect, and embark on a modern shamanistic experience.

With a delicate sense of presence, Sofus creates a live experience that tames raw modular synth sounds into a unique expressiveness. His purpose is clear: to invite the listener into an immersive space that challenges consciousness and perception, creating an indescribable experience beyond words.

Highlights from the past years include electrifying sets at renowned festivals such as Modem in Croatia, Freqs of Nature in Germany, Boom in Portugal, and the unforgettable Boilerroom Machines event.

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LUNI, the alias of Aarhus-based DJ and producer Lui Rosenkrantz, a stalwart in the city’s electronic underground scene for over a decade. As a former co-owner of the renowned nightclub Double Rainbow and as grandfather of FEUM, LUNI brings a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of electronic music to the stage.

LUNI’s sonic palette traverses the diverse realms of electronic music, seamlessly blending flowing ambient, tribal house, electro and deep hypnotic techno. By following the pulse of the electronic scene, LUNI curates immersive experiences, drawing from a profound knowledge of musical intricacies.
This night is dedicated to the enchanting world of deep hypnotic techno.

Prepare to be captivated as LUNI weaves a dark tapestry of beats, creating an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary and delves into the depths of sonic exploration.

The german, Denmark-based DJ Maricle is always a surprise to experience, since her genre- and bpm- fluidity, shapes her sets in unexpected and mysterious ways, and you never know what might happen.
Her sound characterizes from happy, groovy and swampy sounds to evil basslines, with cheesy twists.
“It is through music that stimulates my neurodivergent brainwaves, that I find peace.” – Maricle says.


24 (Saturday) 22:00 - 25 (Sunday) 03:00(GMT+01:00)